Mindns Configuration with DD-WRT

I recently ventured in to setting up my own Dynamic Dns Service.  after looking around at the various options I decided to go with MintDNS however I had a heck of a time configuring it with DD-WRT,  so I created a little guide to help.
I'm assuming you have a function installation of MintDns and some domains added already.
in DD-WRT go to setup>DDNS
DDNS Service: Custom
DYNDNS Server fullyqualified domain name for your ddns service - ex "goxware.com"    
Username: add your mintdns account username (not the server admin username)
Password: account password
Hostname: the dns hostname you configured in MintDNS  ex "home.goxware.com"
URL: /nic/update?hostname=    (enter this exactly as shown)
Additional DDNS Options: leave Blank unless you have advanced needs.
Use external ip check: Yes
hit apply settings
log in to your mintdns account and verify it lists the hostname as updated.

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