Import and Export Emails from Windows Live Mail



  1. Export Mail

    • 1  Right-click on an empty area of the desktop of your old computer. Select "New" from the pop-up menu and then click "Folder" to create a new, empty folder on the desktop.

    • Launch Windows Mail, then click "File" on the main menu bar. Choose "Export" and select "Messages" from the submenu. 

    • 4  Click the "Browse" button, and then navigate to the new folder you created. Click "Select Folder" and then click "Next."

    • Click "All Folders" and then click "Next." The export process automatically starts. Click "Finish" when the export is complete.

    Transfer to a USB Drive

    • Insert a removable USB drive into an open USB port on your old computer. Windows automatically recognizes and installs the drive, if necessary.

    • 7  Click the folder that contains the exported Windows Live email and drag it into the USB drive using Windows Explorer. A small pop-up window appears displaying the file transfer process. The window disappears when the process is complete.

    • 8  Click "Start" and then select "Computer." Right-click on the USB drive's icon and then select "Eject" from the pop-up menu. Remove the USB drive from the computer.

    Import Mail

    • 1  Insert the USB drive containing the folder with your Windows Mail Live emails into an open USB port on your new computer. Windows automatically recognizes and installs the drive. An icon representing the USB drive appears on the desktop.

    • 2  Launch Windows Live Mail on the new computer. Click "File" on the main menu bar, then select "Import Messages" from the drop-down list.

    • 3  Select "Windows Live Mail" from the list of email programs. Click "Next" and then click the "Browse" button. Navigate to the folder on the USB drive connected to the computer.

    • 4  Click "OK" and then click "Next." Leave the "All Folders" check box selected and then click the "Next" button. The import process automatically starts.

    • 5  Click "Finish" when the import process is complete. Your old Windows Live Mail email messages are located under "Storage Folders."

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