Setting up a Microsoft Exchange Mailbox in Mac Mail

 You can set up a Mac to connect to a Microsoft Exchange mailbox by using the Mac Mail email client. .
Note: Mac Mail allows you to send and receive email using your Microsoft Exchange mailbox but does not give you access to all the Exchange mailbox’s features.

Step 1

Open Mac Mail. If this is the first time you have run Mac Mail, the Add Account wizard will be displayed, in which case you can skip steps 2 and 3.

Step 2

Click Preferences from the Mail menu. preferences-menu

Step 3

Click the Create an account button to open the Add Account wizard. This is located under the Accounts list, on the bottom-left of the window.


Step 4

Enter your name in the Full Name text-box. This is what most people will see when you send them an email. Type your email address in the Email Address text-box. Enter the password for the mailbox in the Password text box. add-account Click the Continue button.

Step 5

On the Incoming Mail Server page, enter the following information:
  • Account Type: Select Exchange from the drop down menu.
  • Description: Enter a name for this account so you can identify it. This is only visible to you.
  • Incoming Mail Server: Enter
  • User Name: Enter your full email address.
  • Password: Enter the password for the mailbox.
  • Outlook Web Access Server: Enter
incoming-server-exchange Click Continue when you are done.

Step 6

Leave Authentication set to Password and click Next, then enter the following information on the Outgoing Mail Server screen:
  • Outgoing Mail Server: Enter
  • Use only this server: Tick this box.
  • Use Authentication: Tick this box.
  • User Name: Enter your full email address.
  • Password: Enter the password for this mailbox (the same password that you entered on the previous screen).
outgoing-server-exchange Click Continue when you have filled out this information.

Step 8

Change Authentication to Password. Click Next and then confirm the details you have filled out and click the Createbutton. summary-exchange Mac Mail is now configured to send and receive email from your Microsoft Exchange mailbox

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